• Day started out rough, then a coworker invited me to lunch. We had a great conversation. Provided a space to vent some thoughts. It was helpful.
  • good progress on big project
  • Caught up with a friend
  • Is that who I think it is?

Knight of Cups

Knights represent commitment and action.

As Cups represent a more passive and inward looking element, this is a card with some internal contradictions.

With the proper motivation or point of view, this can be a sign of looking inward to find answers and inspiration. It can be a powerful force for progress. Otherwise, it can mean getting stuck in one’s own mind, paralyzed by over thinking.

Queen of Cups

Queens represent a full appreciation of the element, engagement, and passion.

This person has reached a rare level of comfort with his or her self and, for that reason, can be completely open and present for others. This person tends to notice subtle things like a change in posture that reveals hidden suffering.

A great friend to have and generally a good listener.


  • One big project down
  • indications that there might be less work ahead than expected for another project
  • small signs of appreciation
  • Starting the Cups, to which I feel a connection (in spite of generally being a creature of fire)
  • In the midst of feeling sad and disconnected, a quick comment lead to a short conversation with a friend I’ve been out of touch with for some time.

King of Cups

Kings represent maturity, success, responsibility and the denial of those things which might soften them. Cups represent a primarily feminine and emotional energy.

This is an individual with a strong sense of emotional energy. They tend to be strong in empathy, sometimes even troubled by the sense of dissonance they sometimes pick of from others who are better at hiding their true nature.

Marked by a poor ability to lie or deceive, this person is a real and true friend, confidant, and advocate. This person can also have a highly developed creative or problem solving side.