• great memorial service for a great lady
  • fun night, getting the neighborhood Halloween experience and spending it with another pagan at the same time
  • we went around the corner as a group to see a mini haunted house – the animatronics were very impressive
  • to another good year!

Three of Pentacles

Threes represent the full expression of their element.

In this case, we see effort and focus bringing new possibility into the world. This is a card of reward after hard work. It is not quite as strong in this message as the Eight, but it should be seen as encouragement to keep it up, you are getting somewhere.

Four of Pentacles

Fours are about structure.

Given the physical/material nature of Pentacles, this card brings a caution about worrying too much. When we come from hard times and work hard to get to a place of security, it can be easy to become overly cautious. The perspective of scarcity can become a habit. This card reminds us to enjoy the fruits of our efforts, within reason.


  • Wins at the end of a rough day
  • (given the crazy stress of the day, I almost forgot about this one) The CEO stopped by and told me that I was an ‘unsung hero’
  • customer service does sing it
  • I appreciate the fact that, even when I think that I’m being cranky, due to over-stress, most don’t seem to mind
  • the light at the end of the tunnel is visible