Today I was sad, because my friend who was supposed to accompany me to zoo lights postponed until I had to give up on her. By that time, no one else wanted to go.

This afternoon, another friend¬†asked me where I look for spiritual engagement. I said, ‘Internally, with a good bit of listening to the rocks and plants.’

I do read and listen to any source that seems worth it, but I find that anything that comes from without belongs to someone else. There can be bits of truth and wisdom, valuable ones from time to time, but they don’t mean anything until they find a place inside you.

This all coalesced into a bit of truth that is to be written in another place and time.

blessed be



Went for ¬†a hike in the Superstitions. I love that area so much. It is like being in a different world. I accomplished all the things that I had in mind for today, but I always seem to miss some of the things that I should be doing every day. Why is it so hard to work in something that only takes a couple minutes? The answer is that it shouldn’t be. It is a question of commitment and where we place our energy. I must still be sending some of mine into things that are not serving me. (a few things jump to mind immediately)

Every moment that allows us to see more clearly is a moment well spent. It is also a promise of more good moments ahead.

May your moments be plentiful and your hikes serene.

blessed be


I had intended to be in Irvine today. Scheduling conflicts turned that trip into a losing prospect. It probably also had to do with the weird space that I seem to be inhabiting right now.

While typing the words above, I had a pretty good talk with myself. The result of which is a reminder that I grade myself on a different scale than most.

This is a weird post to file under ‘gratitude’, but it does fit. The fact is that, these days, when I’m unhappy, it is because of missed opportunities or me thinking that I should have done or been better.

These are good problems to have.

Also, I’m pleased so far with the experiment of writing a paragraph or two, rather than just a few bullet points.


Finished the second workstation, read, did some chores, and continued practicing chess. I might even be getting my game back a little. I have a vague sense that I’m on the right track, but a much stronger sense that this road is a long one. Bits of confirmation and encouragement still ring inside me.


  • a friend told me that she thinks these posts are doing me good
  • more good food and drink
  • seeing a friend from afar
  • dance instructor wrote to check on me as schedules have been wonky around the holidays