The best work day I’ve had in some time. Also, I finally saw episode 7.

It provided a good topic for discussion. I found myself looking up several things that I thought I missed. Turns out, they just were not explained. Gotta keep everyone guessing until the next one, I suppose.

It was worth it, but reminded me why I don’t go to movie theaters. Way too much sound and too many humans in such a confined space.



Felt good to get back to actually accomplishing things at work. It looks like numbergate may finally, truly be behind us. After all that, I’m still finding it difficult to really feel enthusiastic about anything.

After cancelling my dance lesson last week, it felt really good to get back to that. Nance asked what was going on and after my stories, she said something that really opened my eyes. She also reminded me how willing I am to downplay my own skill and value.

Today was a nice step in the right direction.


Company wide diversity training. Fortunately, the diversity director is pretty fun. We joke a lot, so I spoke up more often than is characteristic for me. Turned out to be fairly enjoyable.

Trying to train people on a new procedure, so the software decides not to work like it is supposed to. The universe is bringing the entertainment these days. Remember to choose happiness!

Grandma continues to mend.

Making my way through the Star Wars movies in preparation for finally watching episode 7.


This was one of those days. Work stress continues to hover in the red, then I learn that grandma broke her hip. Started getting things ready to leave in the morning while waiting for news.

The high point of the day was my dinner plans with Jayne. Sharing stores, laughs, and perspective. Helped me see a way forward in some ways.

Shortly after getting home, good news about grandma. Surgery went well. Discussed if it would be best to drive out right away or wait. Decided to wait as she’ll be in a skilled care facility for a while.

Thank you for getting us through another scare!

blessed be


Really enjoyed service today.

Went to Black Market Minerals. It was a cool place to visit. I found a couple things I could use, but it isn’t the shop I’m looking for. Oddly enough, I learned that a couple things that I already have actually originated there.

Trying really hard to prepare myself for tomorrow.



I visited a pagan shop in Mesa. I really enjoyed the feel of the place, had a nice conversation with the owner. I asked if she had azurite and she told me about a place in Arizona Mills that I didn’t know existed. I’m very exciting to check that out, now.