Weird phenomenon with bike tire today. Slime was escaping from the tire, but it didn’t seem low. Took it apart to find all the slime in the tire, not the tube. It was as though the tire was holding the air, rather than the tube. Glad it held until I got home.

New tube was obstinate, but a trusty paperclip saved the day.

Dinner and Scrabble with friends.



Went hunting for a creosote. They prove to be elusive. I did get a nice golden barrel cactus, though.

While I usually go to Home Depot out of habit, I find that I like the Lowe’s garden center better.

Accomplished everything on the to do list today.

While I was working in the yard, a neighbor walked over and asked if I wanted this nifty end table lamp combo.


Today, I told my boss that I was pissed about something. That statement and the information that a coworker and I presented ended up changing business practices.

This was a very cathartic turn of events as I’ve been frustrated about the fact that no one is listening about other concerns I’ve raised recently.

A new person organized a happy hour get together after work. I went and it was pretty fun.Someone gave me a hard time about the fact that I telecommuted and then came to happy hour, but one of my favorite people fired back at him. ‘He telecommutes so that he’s not constantly being bothered by people like you!’ It was beautiful.


Nance went home sick as I was on my way to dance tonight. I ended up walking into a line dance group class. Not exactly my thing, but still pretty fun. The catch is that the participants are expected to perform for the crowd later. I have zero desire to perform or draw attention to myself in general, but I decided that this might be one of those things that is good for me to stretch. It ended up not even being that much of a thing.


Another good day. I remembered, shortly after getting to the office, that I didn’t bring anything to eat. A few minutes later, a gal from customer service handed me a box of Cheez-Its.

  1. It’s sweet that they know what I like
  2. The universe provides

Almost two years ago, I used facebook to reach out to some former clients. People from a charter school in Michigan. The only account that I’ve ever truly missed. I heard back from one of them today.


This was a good day. Got a ton of stuff done, had dinner and caught up with a friend.

Any time I started feeling frustrated. I reminded myself that I’m seeking a new purpose. Helps with perspective.


It is difficult, trying to tell people that something works when I keep finding parts of it that don’t. While it is true that most of it works, we can point to X, Y, and Z and say those things don’t work. The vendor has confirmed that they don’t work, but the vendor wont provide a patch or even a estimated timeline for a patch.

I identified a big X today, which is disheartening, but I did stay ahead of the negativity. I’m counting that as a win.

After a nice conversation with myself, I’ve identified that I need to find a new purpose. Work is not a good purpose. It has too much other stuff wrapped up in it. Maybe I’ve been drawing my purposes too narrowly so far.