Almost May already. Wow.

Pretty typical day. New learning management system is supposed to launch on Monday. Today, we’re watching the vendor slowly melt down. Things that were working have stopped, agreed requirements are now new requests to them. So it goes.

Aside for pausing to read a bit here and there, today’s been all about work. Fortunately, I’m finally ready to put some of the stuff I’ve spent the week on at BRB is ready for production. What an exhausting week with ISM, group classes, and BRB. It will be nice to take a breath.



Solved a problem that’s been driving me crazy for about a week now. The vendor themselves couldn’t figure this one out. Turned out that the tabs and capital letters matter in a place where that is really unexpected. Nice to have this working as it should!

Tonight, someone thought that I was one of the instructors at the dance studio.


Today, I solved a problem that I went in circles with for a couple days. Current BRB project continues to present unexpected challenges. I didn’t realize how many places this data was tied together.

Last day feeding the tortoise. I think I’m going to miss checking on him.

Last of the footwork and dance fitness classes for a while. It was fun, but kind of exhausting have every day booked like that.


Progress continues. Less than three weeks until the annual conference. Looking forward to that being done so I wont have a bunch of bad records to sort out every day.

Tortoise hasn’t eaten much the last couple days. Maybe he doesn’t like the wind.

This is my last week of group classes. Did tango, then another hustle move. That class has been great fun.


Woke up a few minutes before the alarm. Had a good conversation at work. Inch by inch, day by day, I’m making progress on my ‘avoid conflict at all cost’ habit.

Two friends with troubling news this afternoon. May the light touch them both soon.

Came up with a plan that I’m really pleased with for BRB.


Met Mike for breakfast. Caught up on a few things, including the confusing case of BRB Search.

During breakfast, I ran into someone (James) who I worked with at Sungard.

Spent most of mid day updating and converting a database. I’m pleased with the end result.

This evening was Music Under The Stars. The event was great. I got the sense that everyone really enjoyed themselves. There was even some dancing.