Worked for a few hours then went for a hike. Came home and did some chores. Exchanged some more text messages with Jen. We ended up going dinner tonight! In spite of repeated saying that we should go, we basically stayed until they closed.




The best service in some time!

The new gal who I met last week was back today. We talked for just a second before the service started, then she invited me with sit with her. We talked for a good while after service. In fact, we went outside, walked the labyrinth, over to RE to pick up her daughter, then to her car. While at RE, I took a very out of character shot and and asked if she likes to dance. Turns out she used to do swing and ballroom! She gave me her number so that we could make plans. We exchanged a few texts throughout the day.

Had a nice dinner at JoAnne’s. I really enjoy these gatherings.



Started doing some BRB work, then received a message from Rob at ISM asking questions about the credit card stuff from yesterday. This is funny because this is the same guy who asked about nine days why I can’t completely disconnect.

I sent an email about this stuff yesterday and we won’t know anything else for sure until Tuesday, but I got in and did some more work on it.

Spent the afternoon with Colleen and the kitties. The kittens have grown noticeably in the last week. I’m still interested in the mother cat, but kittens are fun. Came home with a ton of citrus and homemade sauerkraut!

I’ve been thinking of Fight Club recently, so I watched that tonight. I still enjoy it just as much.


Finished the rest of the new membership configuration this morning. That is a weight off of my mind. It always paves the way for several fun and interesting projects.

On top of that, I checked off a few other items today.

Then, chaos ensued. I was looking into an order that went to shipping twice and found that the order never updated to shipped because something went awry between us, the bank, and the credit card processor. Taking this error apart to see what actually happened consumed the rest of my day. A comedy of errors played out along the way.

We finally got some information from the process which was enough of a clue for me to find the problem. I was then able to update the rest of the orders as shipped, which is good since the product has already left the warehouse.

Manged to clear my mind and do things other than work for the rest of the evening.


Today, I ran full speed into an emotional/energetic wall. I’ve been burning the candle at both ends a bit too successfully this week and today it caught up with me. A comedy of errors on one side, a pair of freak occurrences on the other.

While I wasn’t at best, I did manage to steer away from some of my standard reactions. Not where I’d like to be, but I’m still calling it a win.

Lessons learned include the fact that productivity and a sense of accomplishment are not the same things as joy and fulfillment. I’m very good at the first two and have spent my life neglecting the latter. Also, there is no sense seeking support from someone whose problem is always bigger.

It may be time to start redefining priorities. Less about what needs to be done and more about what I actually need.



Productive day. Finally feel like I’ve caught up on the thousand requests I’ve received since Monday.

Made a good deal of progress on the new college database for BRB. Starting to think about how the detail displays can work in a more modern and mobile friendly way.

Went for the longest run I’ve had in a while.


Had an ah-ha moment with the email thing from yesterday. We were focused on the wrong message. Identified the problem, stopped it, then went searching for the root cause. It was really obscure and silly. Basically, the address didn’t match between to location.

Trying to catch up with the flood of requests from yesterday as more continue to arrive.