Juniper 033

Uneventful day. Taking a moment here and there to breath and remind myself what’s important. I really don’t want to get lost again.



Bridge 036

First day back at the office. Feels much better after taking a big step back. Funny thing is I was talking with some who was also off last week and she had the same experience. I guess that’s why vacations are a thing.



Bridge 006

Last day of vacation.

Enjoyed service, always nice to hear a different voice and perspective. Ran a couple errands and noticed that everywhere I looked, people were smiling back at me.

Finished a couple small projects in the yard and did some reading.

Spent a good bit of time setting the intention that I’m returning tomorrow to the place that I like and not the one that was upsettingĀ me.


Grand Canyon 10162014 113

Met with Mike to review some of the research processes. Spent the afternoon reading and doing chores, then went to the summer solstice dance party. It was fantastic. Everyone singing along, then the DJ took over and we danced for a few more hours.



I adopted a cat today. Her name is Calliope and she’s camera shy so far. She was remarkably calm for moving into a new environment. She’s had a good first day!

Went for a short hike.

Had margaritas and then went dancing. Almost left my phone in my friend’s car, but thankfully caught her before she turned out of the court.



I hiked the west half of Desert Classic today. Ran into a really cheerful guy. Ran into him again on the way back and he joked that one of us must be lost. It is funny how many bicycle parts I find along certain trails.

Tonight was the summer party at the dance studio. It is always fun, but they had a hod dog cookout and sparklers, really went all out this time. Nance made me start writing down nice things about myself.



Today I did Telegraph Pass to National along the base of the towers.

Lesson of the day: everything is always exactly as it should be. We just choose to look at them differently sometimes.

I was introduced to the ‘Fired Pie’ today. I was impressed.