Nice finish to a good week. Application seems like it is being accepted well by users. Customer service actually said that it is so simple that no instructions are needed.

Took JoAnne’s computer back and did a water run before the  guests started arriving for her birthday dinner.

Dinner was excellent and a storm came through just as we were getting started. It was a great lightning show!



Catching up on other things now that the application is running in the pilot phase.

After using several tools, I believe the infected computer is finally clean. Amazing the difference it made.

Ever so happy to hear that Nance is home and doing well!

Definitely missed Nance tonight, but it was still a good time. There was a game that involved dancing around the floor and handing this thing to another couple. My partner and I won!


Put the new application into production with a pilot today. Doing well so far. Even the usually resistant person in that department is on board.

Let the decrypter continue to run while I was at the office. At this point, I can officially say that I’ve beaten the ransomware and saved JoAnne’s files.

Also had an artificial candle going for Nance this afternoon. Didn’t seem like a good idea to use a real one at the office, but wanted to do something.

Received a nasty email tonight. Taking is as a reminder that keep looking inward.


Strange day. A coworker invited me to lunch which tuned into an unexpected trip to central Phoenix where I stood around while he talked to his auto body guy.

Was there late, trying to get a new feature into the application before launch.

Received SOS call from a friend who had been hit with ransomware.

I found a tool that is supposed to be able to find the encryption key based on comparing an encrypted and unencrypted version of the same file. Attempting to apply this key to all files overnight.


Pretty good Monday. Getting closer to launching an application I’ve been developing for a while. Ended up getting mexican for lunch, which makes any day better. Went for a run.


Went to leave for service and found that I had a flat tire, so had to drive. Strangely, it held air when I pumped it up later. Even rode to the bike shop to get some tires that were on sale.

Chores and a couple errands this afternoon. I think that I saw one of the potential property manages driving by.


Hiked from Warpaint to the unnamed ridge trail south of Desert Classic, east of Telegraph Pass. It was a nice trek but HOA stuff kept popping back into my mind. I seem to have a hard time not trowing myself into something.

Pat invited me to her rec center’s summer dance. It was pretty fun, but there were only about 4 people in the building under 70. It was fun teaching Pat to Waltz.