Day started with a suicidal bird flying into the window.

Service was great. I’m so glad that Earl is back for a few months. I really enjoy his authenticity.

Met Ralph in the afternoon to catch up.



Still low on energy. Did some BRB work and basically sat around.

Went to circle supper in the evening. Fun group and glad to see Michelle as it’s been a few weeks.


Dead on my feet this morning. Fortunately, everyone seemed to be little slap happy today anyway. Strange things overheard in the morning and an unexpectedly lively and humorous discussion around religion in the afternoon.

Lunch at Pita Jungle was nice. The funny thing is that were at the same table that I shared with Jen. It occurred to me that I haven’t been there since. Not really a conscious decision as I don’t eat out much anyway, but still. That one really left a mark.

No energy left by the time I got home. Didn’t do a thing, but did use it as an excuse to watch ‘Bringing Out the Dead’ which I’ve been thinking about for a while now.


Started the day at very low energy due to yesterday’s HOA meeting. spent the entire work day and then some in a meeting with a vendor. Those present spent half of the meeting going around in circles about one topic. I still don’t think they’ve made a decision on that topic.

It is a bit serendipitous that Nance cancelled our lesson for tonight as I’m worn out anyway. Practice was fun though. Had a few dances with a new gal who just moved here from Indiana.


Actually got excused from today’s portion of the vendor meeting. That was good, because I had piles of work to catch up on.

HOA meeting was grueling, but successful. We voted unanimously to change management companies. After voting and all signing the document informing the company that we’re leaving, the current president wanted to stall serving that notice. Since I was already pissed that no one backed me up about not meeting at the KMS office, I was quite insistent we do it while we were there.

The other silly thing was, once we were in the room with the property manager, everyone reverted to passive mode again. I was asking fair questions, like why has this broad never been coached on document retention. This is clearly something that a property manager should be working with us on, but she acted like ‘why are you asking questions’?

But it is done. The new one will be better.


Today was the official launch of the new application. We actually did it at the end of the day yesterday. Due to vendor meetings, I was telecommuting today. That is, until a coworker had a meltdown. What he was freaking out about wasn’t even a big deal.

I did get a lunch of chicken parm out of it, though.