Productive day! Moved the antenna for my stereo, secured the sun shade that has been flapping madly in the wind the last few days. Ran other errands and did other chores.

Circle in the evening was exactly the loving, supporting time that my soul has been craving. The fire started a little bigger than expected and it was hysterical as we had to keep backing up, spilling things in the process. Later, the smoke would shift to whoever was trying to speak at the time.



This afternoon, the project that has driven me crazy all week came to a successful conclusion. It all felt worthwhile when I was able to walk around telling people that something that used to take hours now completes in seconds.

Went to see JoAnne’s new apartment and assemble some things.

Today I feel released from a lot of stuff that has been weighing on me this week!


Today, I finally solved an issue that’s been driving me crazy and leaving me exhausted all week.

While grateful for this, personal factors continue to drain my energy. I’m trying really hard to stay connected to the light, to stay positive, ever reminding myself that these are lessons and things I need to experience for my own development. It’s really hard to cling to those ideal when you feel like you are being ground to dust. The state of my house this evening served as a stark reminder of how poorly I’ve actually been dealing with these emotions.

Here is to hoping that this will be the time I remember that wine and television are not useful coping mechanisms.

Because this is a post about gratitude, I will now remind myself that there is a new day ahead. Tomorrow is Friday, and the weekend brings friends and many opportunities for joy.


Survived another day of running in circles on this weird project. Worn out, but not fretting to the point that I often would with something like this. Progress.

Walked and meditated. Trying to get back into a regular habit of that.




Things were pretty calm at work after taking yesterday off. Made some progress on a project that’s been driving me crazy for a while.

Someone picked up the old couch so it gets to have a new chapter now.

Exercised, meditated, and went for a walk. First day in a while that I’ve put that much into keeping myself sane.


This morning, I found that I left the garage door up all night. Everything was as I left it.

I hiked about 12 miles today and saw a rattlesnake for the first time. It was safely off to the side of the trail.

Got some yard work done, including spreading the diatomaceous earth.


Enjoyed service today. Talked to someone new. I’m going try and make more of an effort to do that.

In the middle of a time when my soul is struggling with loneliness, two friends came together to help me move a couch. Neither even seemed bothered when things turned unexpectedly chaotic as we were recruited to help with loading other things for someone else. I’ll have to try and remember this the next time something in me starts panicking when I feel like I’m imposing because unexpected things happen.

Went on a hike and enjoyed the quiet trails. Came home to pull weeds and patch some little holes in concrete. It feels good to move things toward order.