This was a difficult day. Several computers were failing. We finally identified a cause and began putting a temporary fix in place. It was much better, knowing what was going on, but still very stressful. Spent the evening assembling and attempting to hang some shelves.



Memorial Day. Started the day with a great homemade skillet breakfast featuring lots of peppers. Started introducing Kelsey to Twin Peaks. Did some chores and made bread before going to a pool party. The party was a lot of fun and featured this neat candle that had really humor instructions that were like haiku and made little sense.


Day trip to Sedona was fabulous! The pine smells, the red rock mountains, the incredible panorama of the entire area. Had a nice hike on serendipitous named Soldier Pass. A fitting hike for Memorial Weekend. A nice picnic style lunch at a nearby park. Sitting around and enjoying the quiet and absorbing the scenery.


This was a great day! I made great progress on the thing that’s been broken recently. Such incredible relief when some sense of resolution is finally there. It isn’t complete fixed, but I know enough about what is going on to put a workaround in place. Of course this was all with zero meaningful assistance from the software vendor.

Had a truly fantastic and restorative evening with good food, swimming, and even some hot tub time.


This was a difficult day at work. One of those situations where our mismatched cluster of systems starts fighting itself. The various vendors involved all said it wasn’t them. I pressed the main one whose system seemed the most likely suspect. They didn’t offer much that was useful. Meanwhile everyone is looking at me asking when it is going to be fixed. Adding to my frustration was the fact that we have a person who is supposed to be responsible for the web site now and his only contribution was to ask me what i was doing about it.

I’ve been in this situation enough times that I know that I will eventually find a resolution, but that point in time when I don’t yet see it is still terribly stressful.

Thankfully, I had some good support through this process. Walks, laughs, and cribbage are a good brace against madness.