Woke to find the refrigerator still running well.

Nothing too unusual about work today.

Had a relaxing evening of Twin Peaks and nice conversation.



Shortly after getting to the office, I contacted a company about getting the refrigerator checked. To my surprise, they were able to come out in a couple hours, so I ended up telecommuting the rest of the day. I was not amused when the guy charged me $55 to spent twenty minutes standing in front of the fridge, talking on the phone only to tell me that this was most likely just a fluke and I should leave it unplugged for a few hours.

The ice wouldn’t give up, so I went after it was a blow dryer. Once melted and dry, I plugged it and and it start getting down to temperature. by 1:30 am  , it was where it should be.

This afternoon was my meeting with Andy. We had a great conversation. I said all things I wanted to say, he listen calmly and patiently. He said that he could see why I would feel the way I did, from my perspective. He shared a little about his own as well.

He concluded by asking to start thinking about how I’d like to get involved again.


Started the morning with round two of ‘why is the refrigerator so warm’. After not getting the desired result from cleaning the coils, today’s missing was checking the vents. One problem. Where are the vents? I found a large ice build up behind the meat drawer and set about melting that. I eventually found the vents underneath.

As I was poring water into the refrigerator, I thought about how handy a shop vac would be right now. Synchronicity was at work because one of my neighbors had one sitting out with a free sign yesterday. I decided to check and it was still there!

With that squared away, I set out on my hike. I did a nice 13 mile loop and saw a road runner. That’s always a happy sighting.

Later in the afternoon, I went to Joanne’s to take care of a couple things and have a great dinner.


Made it to Friday, but low on energy. Was a pretty good day at work. Had a wonderfully peaceful and recharging evening of cooking and Twin Peaks. Curiously, there was train sitting across Guadalupe, blocking the road, on my way home. I rarely see those tracks used, so this was confusing.


Telecommuting day! It was a good day in spite of being up in the middle of the night working on a BRB computer. Got it working again with three minutes to spare. Had lunch with the representatives from GAPRS. My sense it there will be some more waiting, but that they are pretty much on board with the purchase. I get the sense that they want me to stay on in my current capacity for some time. They were really uncomfortable with the current payment handling system. I agree, so I look forward to upgrading that soon.