After much frustration, I finally started making real progress on updates to some processes for BRB. It involved teaching myself some new things and basically wandering through the darkness for a while, but the pieces eventually started coming together.

Tonight was my pagan group and that was wonderfully restorative. I really love those people and the times we spend together.



Telecommuting again today! I had a call scheduled at 6:15am because our vendor has people working who knows where and that was the only time this person was available. The joke is that the person never actually joined the call.

It was a pretty calm day overall. I put some time into teaching myself some new things that I’m going to need eventually.

Looking forward to the weekend as I really need a recharge.


Telecommuting day! I made progress on a few things. No new craziness. A good day overall.

My dad was released today.

Went to Preston’s birthday dinner at the Depot Cantina which was a really neat place. It was a nice event overall. The slideshow was impressive.

I hadn’t been around downtown Tempe in a few years. It’s changed a bit and in a good way. It was really pretty to take in at sunset.


I spent most of the day thinking that it was later in the week. Very disorienting.

It turns out that the company that was considering buying the business for all these months was stringing us along. The offer was about 10% what we expected.

Had a nice evening, but got word that my dad had an accident at work and was in the hospital. It seems that he is going to be okay. I should get more information in the morning.


Took today off with the intention of hiking, but it was rained out. During a lull, I went for a walk to see if water had collected in the wash. It was surprisingly dry. While wandering, I was stuck by the perfection of this world. Things need water, so it simply falls from the sky from time to time.

Spent the evening playing cribbage and then listening to some more rain.