Started food prep early. Went to service. Ran errands after. Went for a hike and did some more chores after that. Put a note on Nextdoor asking if anyone nearby composts since it bugs me throwing my scraps away. Got a surprising number of responses.

Every few years, I get a notion that I should try a food processor. When I do I remember why I don’t use one.



I got the keys to my house in Mountain Cove one year ago today. Since then, I’ve replaced the roof, fixed the block wall, added overhead lights in two rooms that had none, fixed a switch for another, Replaced the first phase of windows, experimented with paint colors, and paid off the mortgage. Not bad.

Today I did some chores, installed a phone jack, planted some cacti, went for a hike, and started season two of Stranger Things. I ran into an acquaintance on the trail, I’m not sure that’s ever happened before.


Work was pretty good, in spite of having another pointless meeting.

Stopped on the way home to get a wall plate with a phone jack so I can properly wire for the DSL.

Went to another dance event tonight. We did the Thriller dance. It was a blast. This gal I’ve never seen before was there and she put her stuff at my table. We danced together most of the evening. She kept apologizing for not knowing some of the dances. I tried to explain, but she had no idea the degree to which she improved the night. Junette came as well, dressed as a pirate. She looked great and she took part in the costume contest. I wasn’t in costume as my costume doesn’t dance well. I did win a door prize, though!


Telecommuting day! I spent most of the day picking apart nonsensical and scattered documentation for the authentication project I’m working on. Did get a couple things accomplished along the way.

Called Staples again and insisted that they remain on the line until the actually figured out what was going on. Machine is shipping tonight and they gave me a $15 discount.

Centruylink install went without incident. He even double checked the lines inside for me. Sadly he confirmed my own conclusion. The existing lines terminate somewhere inside the wall. I was ready to a new line anyway. Had a temporary one ready to go. Was pretty amused by the fact that I actually had internet service running through my entire spool of cat5 for part of the day.

Tonight was the Halloween party at the dance studio. We did the Time Warp! Nance organized that for me last year and it seems like it is becoming a tradition.


Day went by pretty fast. Still trying to sort out the mysteries of this goofy authentication system.

Went for a walk. No progress at the trail access.

Contacted Staples this morning as the machine I order and was marked as shipped a week ago still shows no information on UPS tracking. Person said they would look into and get back to me. Never did. Second person blew me off when I called in again. Will press in the morning.

Got a few things taken care of, hoping for a successful install with Centurylink tomorrow.

Mike sent a message which would suggest that he forgot everything we’ve discussed for plans moving forward. Not as frustrating as it once was.



Gave the web design guy a first peek at update to the certification application and he said it already looks pretty good. That pleases me as they usually love to complain.

Started on the next challenge, trying to integration with out single sign-on system with is a patchwork of mismatched parts already.

Had a nice dinner and visit after work and went for a short walk when I got home.