Very busy day, but not the worst after taking a day off. Nothing totally out of control, so I’m grateful for that!

Fun conversation with a coworker.

I had forgotten, but today was ISM ops Taco Tuesday. (The CFO treated IT, accounting, and member services to tacos.)

Went for a walk. They did a very minor amount of work at the trail access. It is like they are intentionally dragging it out at this point.

Salvaged a cactus that the landscapers next door were trowing away.



Used a PTO day that was going to expire at the end of the year. Spent most of the day doing BRB work, but did go for a hike along a path I don’t usually take. It is nice to see the unfamiliar sites. Lots of boulders in that area. Saw a coyote.


Started the day with BRB work. Went for a hike. Took advantage of one neighbor’s landscaping dumpster to trim the other neighbors bush that was overtaking the sidewalk. Solved a few of Mike’s lingering issues.


Good day. Reasonably quiet at the office. They installed a new machine for water and ice. Much more efficient than the 5 gal jugs.

I started pulling back good data from this new vendor we started working with. That’s going be really useful.

Went to check on the trail access when I got home. Had an amusing conversation with another person who was there doing the same thing.

Went for a hike until dark and enjoyed lights on the way home.


Telecommuting day! It was a good day of catching up and putting pieces of a project together. Happy with progress.

I saw them actually working at the trail access today. Really hope to see that fence gone soon!

In spite of being exhausted from both jobs being busy lately, I went to dance this evening. I get there to learn that the lesson I had confirmed last week was blown off. I get that things happen, but it’s so disrespectful to wait until I get there and then tell me that the instructor is double booked. These lessons cost way too much to think that you can make an unplanned substitution like that. Since I was tired anyway, I elected to not wait around for the open dancing later. It was nice to get some extra rest.


Started the day with breakfast. There are few things better than restaurant hash browns.

Got to my desk to find that it was decorated! A couple nice cards from coworkers.

Got a few different parts of my API project working together finally. Did a little happy dance over that one as it was an uphill battle.

Went to lunch with the rest of IT.

Stopped home to change and unwind a bit.

Went to Arriba for happy hour where 15 people joined me. It was a really great evening.