Good day at work. Making nice progress on a couple of projects.

Had a nice dinner and conversation over cribbage.

Got a little BRB work done in the evening.



Really fast day at work. Identified a couple ways to fill in some data we’ve been missing. Making progress on CrtApp 2.0, which has been pushed to the back burner for a while, so I’m excited about that.

Went for a walk and I see that they’ve started tearing up the street to access the sewer junction. Hopefully this means they will be done soon.

Made more progress on the dev VM and BRB projects.


Got up and started food prep for the week. Almost talked myself out of going to service as I was really excited to get back into the BRB project.

Started building a VM for development in VMware player. That’s going to be the best of both worlds.

Had some good conversations at service and left early because I was eager to pick up the remaining ingredients and get back to the BRB project.

An unexpected invitation turned into a nice evening of coffee, walking around Tempe Marketplace, and dinner.


Spent the first half of the day making great progress on BRB work.

Went to an escape room in the afternoon. That was a lot of fun, even if we did leave with the gypsy’s course. I want to try again!

Cabaret was excellent as always. Got to do some dancing.


Friday the 13th! It is a good day when I get to tell someone the story.

Made good progress on projects. Almost feel like things are getting caught up. **knocks wood**

Went for a walk but it seems they made no progress in the key area today. I need my trail access back! At least option B isn’t too much farther.

Continued the day’s momentum with some BRB work.


Telecommuting day! I got to catch up on a number of things that have fallen behind in the recent string of crazy. Even got back to a project that I had to move to the back burner.

Went for a walk. Got a large chunk of cholla stuck in my leg. Fortunately, it came out without too much struggle. Not sure how I did that since I didn’t think that I got that close. I didn’t notice it was there until it brushed against my other leg.

Went dancing this evening. First lesson with Bonnie, which was a lot of fun. Learned a couple new tricks.


Busy day, but closing in on a project.

Tested phone lines when I got home. No connection from interface to jacks. I’m not sure what went on here. Good thing I was going to run a new line to the office anyhow.

Went for a walk. They didn’t make much progress today.