The Sun

The sun energizes and illuminates. It leaves those touched by it feeling confident and capable. About new beginnings, perhaps this is why I’ve been procrastinating with these studies and this post in particular. I’m finding it difficult to see what comes next. Maybe it is just a matter of taking that first step into the brightness and letting the light lead the way.


The Moon

The moon speaks of intuition and illusion. A reminder to be aware of what is real but open to that which is outside of perception, but real none the less.

The Star

I’ve been wanting to renew my connection to the Tarot and I’ve been inspired by the realization that I’m wrapping up a year that has been governed by The Tower. I’m ready to embrace and run with the new possibilities that await as the dust settles.

Where better to start than the card I now will to govern the year ahead. The Star.

I first wrote my thoughts about this card two years ago. Back then my comments were that I couldn’t seem to connect with it. My, how that has changed! It is now the lantern by which I shall plot my course.

Brimming with energy and possibility, yet without a hint of haste. This is a card of self possession and certainty that things will find their own way. Having learned the lessons of pain and tragedy as the houses of sand and glass fell away, The Star reminds us that we’re still here and that the best times are always those to come.