Work was alright. Made some progress.

Had a nice dinner and conversation afterward.

Looks like something was actually done at the trail access for the first time in many days.



Woke up early, which was a little tough after getting in late last night. I wasn’t sure what i would do until this morning. I decided to go.

Drove to Kartchner Caverns and arrived early. Reservation was confirmed and they were able to get me on an earlier tour. I’m glad because it got busier as the day went on. It was spectacular. So neat walking into that world. The formations and so beautiful. It’s really neat learning about how the different types form. It is almost hard to comprehend the time scale involved. The smallest of them grow around half and inch in a century.

I was on the Throne Room side and the big column is simply enormous. The light show is really great too. There are times when the column looks like two people embracing.

Came home and did some minor chores, but generally was lazy.

Did a reading that started out looking like it would be discouraging, but it ended up telling a story of recovery. I asked the question of how best to progress. How to prepare myself for what comes next. It’s a little alarming when the first came to turn up is the Tower. However, it was followed by The Chariot, The Star, and a few other highly positive cards all working together to tell a story of great upheaval leading to great joy and beauty.


Productive day! Moved the antenna for my stereo, secured the sun shade that has been flapping madly in the wind the last few days. Ran other errands and did other chores.

Circle in the evening was exactly the loving, supporting time that my soul has been craving. The fire started a little bigger than expected and it was hysterical as we had to keep backing up, spilling things in the process. Later, the smoke would shift to whoever was trying to speak at the time.


This afternoon, the project that has driven me crazy all week came to a successful conclusion. It all felt worthwhile when I was able to walk around telling people that something that used to take hours now completes in seconds.

Went to see JoAnne’s new apartment and assemble some things.

Today I feel released from a lot of stuff that has been weighing on me this week!


Things were pretty calm at work after taking yesterday off. Made some progress on a project that’s been driving me crazy for a while.

Someone picked up the old couch so it gets to have a new chapter now.

Exercised, meditated, and went for a walk. First day in a while that I’ve put that much into keeping myself sane.


Not a particularly fun day. Trying to get as much as possible wrapped up at work, but a couple of the people I needed were not available. None the less, I’m happy with where I ended up.

Had plans tonight which I was really looking forward to, but they were cancelled. I do believe that I’m moving in the right direction, in spite of some bumpy roads.


I’m simultaneously shocked at how fast this month went and glad it is over. I do hope that February is less tumultuous.

Made a vegetable stew concoction I’m pretty happy with.

Helped a friend get her mother streaming again.

Tried calling grandma, but the place must be pretty busy tonight.