Work was good. I finally got some good data back from this interface that I’ve been developing against.

Had a nice dinner and played cribbage afterward. It was a much needed unwind and recharge.



Work was pretty good. Several people back after being away at a conference.

Had a really nice lunch with Ashley. Great conversation and lots of laughs.

Ever so grateful for birthday dinner and booze cake with JoAnne! It’s become a tradition.

Came home to find more progress at the trail access and my chairs had been delivered. At first test, they are exactly what I was hoping for.


Service was nice. Stopped at IKEA to look at a new dining table. Found one even better suited to my needs. First time I left that store not feeling like I’ve been assaulted. Will have to remember that this is a good time to go.

Assembled the table, did some other chores and went for a hike.

Watched the moon rise large through the copper colored haze.


Started the day with some chores and BRB work. It was a good day for getting things done, but still having a relaxing feel. Balance.

Successfully renewed the Tempe library card on the second attempt. Ran some other errands, then walked through a thrift store so that I wouldn’t be too early. Saw a clock that made me think of Alice in Wonderland. That’s why I love those places.

Went to Duffy’s party and it was great as always. I made more of an effort to talk to people I didn’t know this time.



Grateful for a quiet day. Spent most of it teaching myself some new things I need for the hubspot project. The surprise came with an interview on television of the chair of the PMI committee. They wanted to show it in the break room, but the television was only showing a message about not finding a cable subscription. Resetting it was not helpful, so started rigging up a laptop to stream the interview, but then the cable for the laptop wasn’t working. Finally we get video, but no sound. Also, they took the interviewee to the wrong studio. Eventually, I learned that it was the adapter and not the cable that was bad. The television has the weirdest remove I’ve seen. The volume requires some funny gymnastics.

Arcane knowledge: +5

I won the trip reduction drawing today!

Really should have gone dancing, but couldn’t get myself motivated. Low on energy. Need to stop using that excuse because I need the socialization.

I did go for a walk and the progress at the trail access is looking good.



Telecommuting day! I needed this! Put a silly patch in place to cure yesterday’s freak out. It is overkill, but will hopefully keep people happy.

The guy from the roofing company came and patched the gauges that the window installers left in the foam. Very happy with out that worked out.

Went to see Duffy after work and had a great time catching up and doing early Festivus since she will be away from the real thing.

Tried to stop by the Tempe library to renew my card. I have no idea why they don’t renew electronically like everyone else. They were closed! What kind of library closes at five in the middle of the week? At least I will have another chance on Saturday.

And now. The Feats of Strength!

The Sun

The sun energizes and illuminates. It leaves those touched by it feeling confident and capable. About new beginnings, perhaps this is why I’ve been procrastinating with these studies and this post in particular. I’m finding it difficult to see what comes next. Maybe it is just a matter of taking that first step into the brightness and letting the light lead the way.