Another fast day.

Received a letter from the HOA on Sunflower. Renters can’t seem to put the garbage cans away lately. There was a fine. The good news is that my property manager actually saw the notice and charged the renters before I even knew what was going on. Hopefully, that will encourage them to get back to being responsible. They’ve been fine until recently.

Went for a walk and trail progress is coming along nicely. Saw several rabbits.



It was a fast day at work. Finished the last of the big projects that all turned at once last week. Started on a new thing that I’m kind of excited about.

Had a nice dinner.

Went to check on the trail and they made considerable progress. Hopefully, they will have this area open again soon.

Had a close encounter with a javelina. It even let me take a couple pictures.


Someone picked up the last of the refurbs this morning. For the first time in years, I have only one computer in the house.

Service was nice and I got to catch up with Cliff afterward.

Caught up on some chores and went for a hike.


Slow morning. Did some BRB work.

Went for a hike and discovered that the area that looks fenced off is actually hinged so that we can still come and go. They are really being considerate of the fact that this trail access is why we live here. Kudos and appreciation to the parks department, city, and workers.

Circle supper was really nice. Great food and several nice conversations.


It was a pretty good and calm wrap up to a crazy week. Still lots to be done, but no lingering fires. By the afternoon, my brain had fully checked out, so I left early.

Did a couple easy things for BRB, but basically spent the evening being lazy.

Went for a walk and found that my trail access is blocked now. I really hope that they work fast to get that open again.


Telecommuting day! Finally started catch up on some things. Finished a big billing process.

Light and fan were installed in the zen room today. That should be the last of those projects for a while. I love this half size switch they used because the regular one wouldn’t fit.

Went for a walk and they are getting closer to the area where I access the trail. I’m just hoping that they will be efficient and not close it any longer than necessary.

Went dancing. It was fun but they were gearing up for a competition on Saturday, so everyone is wrapped up with that. The students who are training for competition can sometimes get too intense, taking the fun out of it.


Another crazy day, but this one came with a big win. I fixed the problem with conference registration, so that’s going to launch on schedule. Now, to continue with the other two projects.

Went for a walk and I see that they’ve started making trenches for foundations at the trail head.