Took today off and went on a hike. At one point, I stopped to refill my water reservoir and an antelope squirrel came to see me. He stayed right there, looking at me the whole time.

Did some work and chores and got some things prepped for the canyon trip.


Spent much of the first half of the day merging my new understanding of MVC identity into the project I’ve been working on for the new BRB store. Turns out that it is much easier to start with an identity project and them move the other parts into that. I think that there is a pun in there somewhere about ‘identity’ always being a moving target.

My relationship came to an end today. It was mutual and kind and sweet. I’m grateful for everything this has been.

Went to a pool part this evening. It was cathartic, floating by myself before anyone else came out. Then there was a crazy volleyball game with two balls, one of which was three feet in diameter.


Today, I caught up on some of the crazy things that showed up one after another yesterday. It is nice to wrap up the week with a series of wins.

Found growth on another cactus. I’m so pleased that they are taking off!

Practiced putting up and taking down the tent in preparation for my canyon trip.

Figured out how to customize MVC identity to work with my current data so that I can back the new parts into the existing system. This is getting exciting.


Telecommuting day! This was a day of interruptions. I couldn’t even finish responding to one interruption before the next one popped up. In spite of all this, I did make some progress on a few fronts.

I’ve started merging my different efforts into one combined project as I’ve been teaching myself new things. Once I gain an understanding of one thing, I start on the next, then I can start making the two work together. It’s pretty great when things start to work.

I took at walk by the trail head. Four days and all the progress they’ve made is five or six trees in the ground. It seems like that would have been one of the last things they should have done. Yeah, government.